At One Ment

St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Washington DC

I started writing this as I was watching a new President attend Mass at a church where I once attended Mass. In what seems an odd twist, the new President was attending Mass with members of the two big political parties in our country. This just after watching the outgoing President give a speech that was divorced from reality and knowing that the one leaving more of my fellow Catholics voted for. I have tried to understand why.

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Kingdoms Wrought with Steel Chapter 12: Cerberus

We have reached the final chapter. Thank you for reading this nerd love novella. If you dug it, please buy the book here on Amazon.

You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here and the third here. The fourth chapter is here and the fifth chapter here and the sixth chapter here. The seventh lives right here and the eighth chapter is here and the ninth is here. Chapter ten lives here and the penultimate chapter is right here.

Without further adieu… the final chapter.

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