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July 2020 Single of the Month: The Journey of Jonas Augustinas

Jeff August Ego Trip presents The Journey of Jonas Augustinas
Produced by Tim Leehane
Written by Jeffrey August
Performed by Tim Leehane and Jeffrey August

Album art by Lawrence August


The Biblical Case for a Living Wage

These are trying times for all of us.

There is a pandemic raging, my home state of California is on fire (as I type this there are massive fires burning to the East, South, North and West of me making the sky feel like Mordor with an AQI as high as 357 in the last 48 hours), there are protests against police brutality all over the place and there is an election coming up so I am already hearing how stupid I am from some folks.

Everybody is already justifiably grumpy, I guess there is no better time to write about God and politics!

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Adventures in #Dadhood: Building a PC

I am the father of three awesome young ladies. They have unique interests and Rachel and I have a saying “Raising freethinking children is hard.” My deep geekhood is well documented, from a Star Wars obsession in my youth to writing comic books in my 40’s it is my DNA.

So it is no surprise that my girls have received some of this geek DNA. My youngest, Georgie, is in peek geek years and as we prepared for the coming school year and talked about getting a good laptop (we are mostly an Apple house) that would take her through her last year of Middle School and into High School, she was relentless in her demand to build a PC with a gaming spec in mind… to the point of building a slide presentation outlining the benefits of this endeavor. Rachel and I relented and here is how this freethinking geek kid’s journey played out.

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