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Adventures in #Dadhood: Dang it, a Circle is a Shape!

I have struggled with getting into shape for pretty much my whole adult life. For a while I got into running, at other times I tried lifting weights and I have done the miracle diets. All of these things worked, until they didn’t.

My dungeon, built for Squats, Presses, Rows and Deadlifts!

At this point I have settled in on some general concepts and a plan that has been developed by a childhood friend who runs a gym in my hometown, Ryan. I am finding that the key is… to find something that I can do consistently, duh.

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How to Collaborate with Friends and Release Music in the… Whatever the Heck we are Calling 2020’s Hellscape Today.

Me in my Rock and Roll mode

I think two things I have always known to be true have been reinforced by the dramatic situations we find ourselves in these days. The first is, constraints bring creativity. The second is, expectation is the heart of disappointment.

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Baylandia! Issue 1 Trailer Edition

Baylandia is a comic book series following the adventures of Walter Aphrodisiac, a cantankerous private investigator, who, begrudgingly, leads a motley crew of misfits on a series of adventures hunting monstrosities and solving mysteries. It is Scooby Doo meets Hellboy with a splash of Archie Bunker and Columbo.

Written and produced by C. William Chubonie and Jeff August Ego Trip for Volt Age Comics

A special “trailer” sized version of the comic is here!

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Christian Philosophical Concepts We Stan: Meditative Prayer

It seems odd to look back and think that the first inkling of a need to find something greater than myself, which led to me returning to church, started with a book on Eastern Philosophy. Some believe Eastern Philosophy and Christian thought are at odds, but like the Doctor of the Church I seek to apply the lessons of tools from outside the Bible to my own Christianity. As such, prayer and meditation go hand in hand.

Father Paul, a spiritual mentor who lives on in what he taught me including meditative prayer, anoints me
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Things We Should Keep When This is Over: No Cars on Main Street

In 2016, Rachel and I were able to complete a dream we had had since Alibi was a six month old in a stroller and we were walking around at an outdoor antiques fair with the Piglets. It wasn’t THE dream but it was a dream, we both agreed that someday it would be really cool to live in a walkable Suburban Downtown. We agreed that this would be cool walking up and down Main Street in Pleasanton, CA at a time when we lived in Sacramento, CA.

Old School Downtown Pleasanton needs less cars

Oddly, we eventually moved to Pleasanton because of a work opportunity and we looked to rent a house Downtown. We were up against a tight deadline with school starting and had no choice but to move into a house about two miles away from the quaint Downtown. That did not stop us from always talking about one day living in the small residential and commercial district that looked like something out of a 1950’s postcard. In 2016, we were able to swing it and we bought a house three blocks from Main Street.

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An Excerpt from my Novel: Inside the Lemoore Incident

A small agricultural town in the heart of California awakens one Spring morning to discover they have been forcibly cut off from the outside world. As the town members become sick and die it becomes clear that a pandemic is behind the forced seclusion. As the town divests itself into three competing factions, we follow 16 year old Jeremy Adams on a spiritual quest that takes him through each of the factions.

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Christian Philosophical Concepts We Stan: The Four Substitutes

As a Christian who spent many years being an agnostic sometimes friends of mine who are not so enamored with the idea of religion in general ask me what I find appealing about Catholicism. The answer is a little more complex than a simple blog post can address but one of the things I routinely find myself referencing is St. Thomas Aquinas and his concept of four substitutes for God.
St. Thomas Aquinas image courtesy The National Library of Wales

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Adventures in #Dadhood: Practicing What I Preach

I am currently in-between employment opportunities and interviewing has me busier than a one legged man in a can kicking contest. But, one of the core tenets of my personal ethos is “Make it an opportunity.” Living what you are saying is an important part of being a dad, from where I sit, and that is actually more important than the “opportunity.”

Me, Doblering with a Macbook in my Facebook days. Maybe relevant?

Thinking about how to make this an opportunity, I read about a recent change at Google and how they are offering career certifications that they will consider the equivalent of a four year degree but can be completed in as little as six months. This reminded me that I started on a path to get Cisco Certified back in 2002, completed bootcamp and then never took the certification test because my job had become more about leadership, strategy and business deals that were engineering adjacent rather than being an actual engineer. I think one of the opportunities here is to go back and fix that, but where to start in 2020?

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An Excerpt from my Forthcoming Book: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Job Hopper

In my forthcoming book I will share with you the lessons that I think are most interesting from my time working for such internet stalwarts as Yahoo! (well it WAS when I worked there), Facebook, Square and Dropbox. Follow below the fold to read a bit from the chapter “How to pick a place to work.”

Me at NANOG, a small conference where big Internet stuff happens

All chapters in the book begin with a song to set the mood.

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