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I don’t know what to call this…

He thought of me as a son.

A drawing of my Stepdad, Terry Parsons at my sister Tamara’s wedding. Quintessential Terry, I can hear his laugh just looking at this. He probably just made a terrible pun based dad joke right before this picture was taken.
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What the World Needs Now… Batman, but a Different Batman.

I like to write about spiritual topics on Saturdays. Therefore, sticking with this theme… I am today writing about one of my spiritual heroes: Batman.

(l to r) Red Riding Hood, Batman and Robin

With Halloween just around the corner, there is no shortage of costumes languishing on shelves. I walk through the costume section of Target any time we go there, masked and sanitized. I think back to the Halloween when my brother and I were Batman and Robin and I prefer the home made costumes our mother made. Not because the muscles were ripplier, or that they were tremendously accurate. But, because of the Batman and Robin that we wanted to be.

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Things we Should Keep When This is Over: MLB Playoff Mania?!?! (Plus Expansion)

Man what a dang week of playoff baseball this was. My love of baseball is almost part of my DNA. I was born into a crazy sports loving family. Mainly because my father was the oldest of seven boys (which is why I call my Grammie St. Evelyn, seven boys ?!?!?!?!). So they all grew up playing every sort of game imaginable and passed that down to all of us in the next generation. The backyard at my grandparents house was always best when it was being used as a wiffleball stadium.

2 Cat Park, San Lorenzo CA. Wiffleball Palace.

I spent so many happy hours playing wiffleball in my grandparents backyard, in my Uncle John and Aunt Carol’s backyard (UJ is the funniest guy I know, he named his backyard Jooky Stadium based on a hilarious Sprite commercial) and over at my man Lester Partridge’s house, 2 Cat Field. I mean the point is, today the spiritual topic we are diving into is the great game that is responsible for wiffleball. We are talking baseball.

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An Excerpt from my Novella: Kingdoms Wrought with Steel

When a sarcastic, borderline nihilistic young man accidentally discovers a portal to another dimension hidden inside the bathroom of his favorite Japanese joint, the weirdness is just getting started. We follow the aforementioned Morro and his companion, Ukiah as they traverse a dead land that is slowly coming to life all around them. Eventually the duo is joined by an antique string puppet come to life completing a trio. Follow as they struggle with the labors that are required for return to their home, all the time asking if they aren’t perfectly content living in this strange new world.

The journey is the message.

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