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I am a dad. I tread.

April 2021 Single of the Month: A Long Time Comin’ (Lilly’s Song)

Written by Jeffrey August
Performed by Jeffrey August and Tim Leehane
Produced by Tim Leehane

Lessons from a Silicon Valley Insider presented by National University!

I had such a great time talking about the things I have learned in Silicon Valley as a part of National University’s Alumni Speaker Series. While I figure out the best way to publish all 17 Lessons, please enjoy this hour long talk in which I cover four of them and share my perspective on what makes Silicon Valley the juggernaut that it is from my time working at world changing companies like Facebook and Square.

Lessons from a Silicon Valley Insider: The Live Experience!

Hello Dear Readers,

I am giving a talk at my Alma Mater (National University) about the things I have learned working at game changing companies like Facebook, Square and Dropbox.

Lessons to be discussed include: There is only one Broadway, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon and Squeezing Too Tightly Will Kill Your Business as well as a few others.

I hope to see you there! Don’t forget to sign up for the free event at the link above.