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Finding Focus, Once Again.

Warning: HELLA SPOILERS about Zack Snyder’s Justice League if you ain’t seen it and don’t want to know…

“Dad! I think he just ran fast enough to go back in time! That cube came back out of the water…”

“That may come in handy.”

A conversation between my 13 year old daughter, Georgie, and myself while watching ZSJL
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What the World Needs Now… Batman, but a Different Batman.

I like to write about spiritual topics on Saturdays. Therefore, sticking with this theme… I am today writing about one of my spiritual heroes: Batman.

(l to r) Red Riding Hood, Batman and Robin

With Halloween just around the corner, there is no shortage of costumes languishing on shelves. I walk through the costume section of Target any time we go there, masked and sanitized. I think back to the Halloween when my brother and I were Batman and Robin and I prefer the home made costumes our mother made. Not because the muscles were ripplier, or that they were tremendously accurate. But, because of the Batman and Robin that we wanted to be.

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Things we Should Keep When This is Over: MLB Playoff Mania?!?! (Plus Expansion)

Man what a dang week of playoff baseball this was. My love of baseball is almost part of my DNA. I was born into a crazy sports loving family. Mainly because my father was the oldest of seven boys (which is why I call my Grammie St. Evelyn, seven boys ?!?!?!?!). So they all grew up playing every sort of game imaginable and passed that down to all of us in the next generation. The backyard at my grandparents house was always best when it was being used as a wiffleball stadium.

2 Cat Park, San Lorenzo CA. Wiffleball Palace.

I spent so many happy hours playing wiffleball in my grandparents backyard, in my Uncle John and Aunt Carol’s backyard (UJ is the funniest guy I know, he named his backyard Jooky Stadium based on a hilarious Sprite commercial) and over at my man Lester Partridge’s house, 2 Cat Field. I mean the point is, today the spiritual topic we are diving into is the great game that is responsible for wiffleball. We are talking baseball.

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Adventures in #Dadhood: Dang it, a Circle is a Shape!

I have struggled with getting into shape for pretty much my whole adult life. For a while I got into running, at other times I tried lifting weights and I have done the miracle diets. All of these things worked, until they didn’t.

My dungeon, built for Squats, Presses, Rows and Deadlifts!

At this point I have settled in on some general concepts and a plan that has been developed by a childhood friend who runs a gym in my hometown, Ryan. I am finding that the key is… to find something that I can do consistently, duh.

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Things We Should Keep When This is Over: No Cars on Main Street

In 2016, Rachel and I were able to complete a dream we had had since Alibi was a six month old in a stroller and we were walking around at an outdoor antiques fair with the Piglets. It wasn’t THE dream but it was a dream, we both agreed that someday it would be really cool to live in a walkable Suburban Downtown. We agreed that this would be cool walking up and down Main Street in Pleasanton, CA at a time when we lived in Sacramento, CA.

Old School Downtown Pleasanton needs less cars

Oddly, we eventually moved to Pleasanton because of a work opportunity and we looked to rent a house Downtown. We were up against a tight deadline with school starting and had no choice but to move into a house about two miles away from the quaint Downtown. That did not stop us from always talking about one day living in the small residential and commercial district that looked like something out of a 1950’s postcard. In 2016, we were able to swing it and we bought a house three blocks from Main Street.

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Adventures in #Dadhood: Practicing What I Preach

I am currently in-between employment opportunities and interviewing has me busier than a one legged man in a can kicking contest. But, one of the core tenets of my personal ethos is “Make it an opportunity.” Living what you are saying is an important part of being a dad, from where I sit, and that is actually more important than the “opportunity.”

Me, Doblering with a Macbook in my Facebook days. Maybe relevant?

Thinking about how to make this an opportunity, I read about a recent change at Google and how they are offering career certifications that they will consider the equivalent of a four year degree but can be completed in as little as six months. This reminded me that I started on a path to get Cisco Certified back in 2002, completed bootcamp and then never took the certification test because my job had become more about leadership, strategy and business deals that were engineering adjacent rather than being an actual engineer. I think one of the opportunities here is to go back and fix that, but where to start in 2020?

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Adventures in #Dadhood: Get out the Vote! (At Our Kitchen Table)

Rachel and I have been mail in voters for a long time. Rachel started when we moved to Pleasanton in 2007 and I started in 2012. I had a romantic notion of voting and held out before switching to mail in voting because I liked to take the older two girls into the booth with me and let them “pull the lever.”

Mailers letting us know when to expect our ballots on the family table, also… Rachel should have her own design show

I remember one of my favorite moments from the voting booth was in 2008 when my Lilly asked which one was the number that was mean to gay people. She was extremely focused on making sure that I did not vote for being mean to gay people, or any people. That kid has had empathy in her bones from the second she made her debut and it brings a tearful smile to my face just thinking about it. While this is a great memory, I find that mail in voting makes for a much better experience for both us parents and our children when it comes to being informed citizens.

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