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Live from the Study Opening Day MEGA BONUS EPISODE: Norcalnodders and Tyler Blezinski

It is our first ever Mega Bonus Episode in honor of MLB’s Opening Day.

Listen to Robb talk about Bobbleheads and Tyler talk about the early days of Vox Media and the Transformers!


The Codification of Tyranny

I am loath to speak about politics anymore. I used to be quite a social media blowhard about politics. I, rightly, saw that Facebook and Twitter were where the debate about how to move forward as a country and a planet would take place and I dove in whole heartedly. I don’t really do this much anymore because those forums have really become an exercise in what I hate the most about political discourse. They are essentially people shouting bumper stickers at each other without having to stand in the same room, or share real space, with whoever you are shouting at.

And more than that, they are echo chambers. I find it a little funny that some folks solution to not liking facts is moving to a different platform. You don’t like that Twitter put warnings on obvious lies? Well, here is Parler where you can read the lies that make you feel most comfortable without challenge! The folks who used to say “debate me” are now saying “If I can’t be disingenuous in this debate I am going to go somewhere else.”

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