Family Life Stories

Finding Focus, Once Again.

Warning: HELLA SPOILERS about Zack Snyder’s Justice League if you ain’t seen it and don’t want to know… “Dad! I think he just ran fast enough to go back in time! That cube came back out of the water…” “That may come in handy.” A conversation between my 13 year old daughter, Georgie, and myself […]

The Legend of Freddy the Fish

It is as time tested and true as anything. If you get a group of August people together, some kind of well intentioned, but ultimately wrong, something is going to happen.

What the World Needs Now… Batman, but a Different Batman.

I like to write about spiritual topics on Saturdays. Therefore, sticking with this theme… I am today writing about one of my spiritual heroes: Batman. With Halloween just around the corner, there is no shortage of costumes languishing on shelves. I walk through the costume section of Target any time we go there, masked and […]

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