Spiritual Perspectives

Finding Focus, Once Again.

Warning: HELLA SPOILERS about Zack Snyder’s Justice League if you ain’t seen it and don’t want to know… “Dad! I think he just ran fast enough to go back in time! That cube came back out of the water…” “That may come in handy.”A conversation between my 13 year old daughter, Georgie, and myself while…

Getting Back Up

This week has been a kick in the face a little bit. I found out that a friend, the kind of friend you hang out with every few years and it feels like no time at all has passed, died in July 2020. The revelation brings on all kinds of emotions. I am pissed at…

At One Ment

I started writing this as I was watching a new President attend Mass at a church where I once attended Mass. In what seems an odd twist, the new President was attending Mass with members of the two big political parties in our country. This just after watching the outgoing President give a speech that…

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